Conergy SmartConnect

In the Conergy SmartConnect, individual module strings are bundled and safely routed to the Conergy IPG C central inverter. Conergy SmartConnect is an exact, well-organized string monitoring system backed by a safety concept adapted to PV technology.


  • 8 strings of 20 A each monitored separately
  • Electronic protection concept increases system availability
  • Simplifies the planning and creation of a complete string monitoring system


Durability guaranteed

The Conergy SmartConnect is enclosed in an IP 65 rated stainless steel housing, making it ideal for long-term use in PV systems. In addition, the direct connection between the strings and the spring clamp connectors ensures a durable and safe installation.


Innovative protection concept

The innovative RealProtect protection concept by Conergy replaces conventional fuses. This ensures all-round protection for modules and the photovoltaic system as a whole. In comparison with conventional string fuses, RealProtect offers the following advantages:

  • Fixed tripping threshold
  • Current and voltage dependent disconnection
  • Different tripping characteristics for forward and reverse current
  • No ageing of fuses
  • Surge voltage protection

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