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Conergy has been very successful in implementing hundreds of projects (power plants & power packs) across India. Most of the projects we've worked on have been initiated by state nodal agencies like LREDA, JAKEDA and CREDA. The installations have been done in the most remote parts of the country where access to the grid is next to impossible. In these situations, a stand alone PV system (SPV) is the only solution.

More than 12 years experience for you:

Our solar energy systems have proven to be extremely effective and reliable in practice. Our PV expertise is evident in our product development as well as in our project planning and execution activities. This means that you benefit from maximum reliability, quality and longevity of your system.

There are many reasons to choose Conergy solutions: 


  • Quality: High-quality photovoltaic systems produced to strict international quality standards.
  • Reliable: Photovoltaic systems from Conergy have already been tried and tested in thousands of practical installations throughout India. >> References
  • Individual: Custom-fit systems tailored to your requirements at your site.

 5 good reasons for Conergy

12 years of solar experience

In-house production of complete solar systems

Highest German quality standards

Solar systems and services from a single source

Network of certified partners


How to contact us directly:

General requests: [email protected]


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