Conergy SolarFamulus

The Conergy SolarFamulus mounting system has been specially developed for elevating solar modules on flat roofs. It is ideal for on-roof use and can be attached safely and securely using base brackets or ground rails. The system also performs impressively when it comes to efficiency. The Conergy SolarFamulus can be easily folded, which means it is convenient to transport and saves space in storage. This optimizes transport costs and brings financial and practical benefits during installation.

Convenient installation:

  • Time savings from the high level of preassembled components
  • Is easy to fold which makes transport easy and saves space in storage

Maximum safety:

  • Individual stability and structural analyses in accordance with local regulations and standards
  • High corrosion resistance

Conergy SolarFamulus Air

From aircraft engineer to frame designer – when it came to the development of our new Conergy SolarFamulus Air flat roof framework, we put an aerodynamics engineer in charge. The result was a mounting system which works without roof penetration and manages with only minimal ballast. This means you can now fit practically any commercial film or bitumen roof with a photovoltaic system.

The aerodynamic design of the Conergy SolarFamulus Air is such that the airflow creates a vacuum, which holds the frame down without it being screwed to the roof. The principle it uses is similar to a wing; wind baffles significantly reduce the forces acting on the frame. A ballast is only required close to the edge of the roof. This makes the Conergy SolarFamulus Air one of the fastest flat-roof systems on the market to install.

Maximum flexibility:

  • For lightweight roofs
  • Only requires little ballast at the edge of the roof
  • No roof penetration, making it also suitable for film roofs
  • Flat tilt angle of 15°

Rapid and secure installation:

  • Minimal material and tool requirements
  • Time savings from the maximum level of preassembly

Maximum safety:

  • Use of corrosion-resistant materials for maximum service life
  • Individual structural analysis and design by Conergy


Available first half of 2012

Conergy SolarSimplex

Sometimes the simple solutions are the best. The Conergy SolarSimplex consists of simple basic elements: a plastic tub, two aluminum bearing rails and screws. The tub is filled with gravel or paving slabs to secure it in place. This allows the system to be quickly transported and quickly installed on site.

A welcome feature for the system operator:

Simple and fast assembly also makes this mounting system particularly cost-effective.


Convenient installation:

  • Easy to transport: 4 kg net weight
  • Easy to fill: No expensive concrete foundations necessary
  • Easy to assemble: Simply fix the bearing rails and modules – and you’re done  

 Maximum safety:

  • Certified by TÜV Rheinland

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