Conergy SunTop

The Conergy SunTop is the system of choice for mounting on pitched roofs. It’s all quite simple: the system requires no customization, is installed quickly and is compatible with different module types. The Conergy SunTop makes many things possible – it can be used universally on any type of roofing. The technology behind our systems allows the rail length to be adjusted as a result of the innovative telescopic sections, thus avoiding the need for custom cutting. Connectors enable the use of short rails and module installation is lightning fast with the QuickStone module fasteners.

Quick and Easy installation:

  • Time savings from the high level of pre-assembled components
  • Time savings due to an extremely accurate design that doesn’t require custom cutting
  • Only a single tool is necessary to fit the Conergy SunTop to the roof
  • Patented QuickStone technology
  • Easy to access all components and connections

Maximum Flexibility:

  • Fits on any type of roofing with a roof pitch of up to 60°

  • Compatible with virtually all module types and installation orientations

Maximum safety:

  • Use of high-quality materials
  • High corrosion resistance ensures maximum service life
  • Individual stability and structural analyses in accordance with local regulations and standards


Conergy SunTop Trapeze

Trapezoidal roofs make an ideal base for photovoltaic systems. No other kind of roof allows solar modules to be installed so simply and cost-effectively. The Conergy SunTop Trapeze is a mounting system which allows you to make perfect use of this type of roof.



Intelligent brackets are mounted to the sides so that the trapezoidal sheeting can bear greater loads and uneven roof sections can be levelled out. By hooking on the brackets, the support rails can be easily fitted in place. As a result of having fewer pre-assembled components, this system can be fitted more quickly and more economically.

Maximum flexibility:

  • Suitable for trapezoidal roofs with a bead height in excess of 20 mm*
  • Lateral attachment of the trapezoidal bracket to the raised bead, increasing load capacity and making it better for use on critical roofs
  • For frameless and framed modules

Rapid and secure installation:

  • Minimal material and tool requirements
  • Time savings from the high level of preassembly
  • Rail profiles attached by merely inserting and twisting the bracket in the rail
  • Depending on the roof covering, it is not necessary to use every raised bead to attach the frame
  • Height-adjustment mechanism to compensate for unevenness in the roof of up to 15 mm

Maximum safety:

  • Use of corrosion-resistant materials for maximum service life
  • Individual structural analyses supplied by the Conergy software

* If the height of the raised bead is less than 20 mm, alternatively a bracket can be used which is screwed into the trapezoidal sheeting from above.


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Conergy mounting systems brochure
Conergy SunTop Trapeze technical datasheet
Conergy SunTop technical datasheet


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