Why Photovoltaics?

Standalone PV systems vary widely in size and application. They can be used in calculators, installed in remote buildings or even in spacecrafts. For Off-grid PV systems the generated power is stored, buffered with a battery and supplied to a dedicated load.

A solar module, mounting structure, battery, charge controller and inverter are the main parts of stand alone systems (SPV). Crystalline solar modules and galvanized mounting structures have a useful life of 25 years. Lead acid batteries (LMLA) are most commonly used for their low cost while a charge controller is incorporated in the system to: a) avoid battery damage by excessive charging or discharging and b) optimize the production of the cells or modules by maximum power point tracking (MPPT).

Be “green” and benefit from your Conergy photovoltaic system:

  • Sustainable: Solar energy conserves existing fossil fuels
  • Environmentally friendly: Producing clean electricity is good for the environment. It is your contribution to a brighter future for the next generation.
  • Emission-free: The production of solar power is completely silent and odour-free

Benefits of your Conergy photovoltaic system:

  • Independence: With a PV system you can produce your own electricity. You are not affected by rising electricity prices. And you can use the electricity for your own consumption.
  • High-yield: Solar electricity systems are often a more profitable and more secure investment than company shares
  • Improves lives in rural areas: Enhances the quality of life of underserved households, improves productivity at night and encourages the development of livelihoods.
  • Entertainment and education benefits: Rural electrification provides affordable electricity that gives rural households access to lighting, radio and television.
  • Safe: With solar lighting, there is a low risk for accidents


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