Conergy IPG T series

Power³ – the three-phase string inverters for grid-connected photovoltaic systems are the right choice for medium-sized systems. The Conergy IPG T series is available in performance classes of 8, 11 and 15 kW and can be used with all current module types and in combination with the Conergy IPG S series string inverters. Outstanding peak efficiency factors, patented technology and high-quality workmanship make them a reliable choice for permanently high system yields. This is complemented by its simple operation, comprehensive warranty and servicing options.


Benefits for the system operator:

Extremely efficient operation

  • Peak efficiency factor of 98% for the highest possible yields
  • Split second MPP tracking for variable light conditions
  • Optimum energy yield even in low light


Benefits for the installer:

Flexible planning

  • Extremely flexible for nearly all system configurations and module types
  • Allows the combination of different performance classes
  • Three-phase design rules out unbalanced grid loads

Easy to install

  • Minimal space requirements and short  mounting times in comparison with several single-phase systems
  • Internal and external mounting possible
  • Unique, optional Conergy Service Tool for measuring and displaying the U/I characteristic curve


Precise system design, shorter installation times, can be used anywhere.

The new three-phase Conergy IPG T string inverters and the single-phase Conergy IPG S string inverters work in perfect harmony. Any system size from 6 to 100 kW or more can be precisely configured to the nearest kW. This considerably reduces the effort involved in planning. Monitoring of the entire system with up to 20 inverters is reliably performed by the Conergy VisionBox.

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Conergy IPG T brochure
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