Conergy PowerPlus modules

Conergy PowerPlus solar modules M (mono-crystalline) and P (poly-crystalline) with 60 cells offer premium quality that pays for itself. They deliver high system yields and reliable operations over their entire service life, under the most demanding environments and extreme weather conditions. Our highly automated manufacturing process ensures that the quality of the modules remains consistently high. The positive performance tolerance and the outstanding low-light properties of the modules allow more electricity to be produced across the lifetime of the system.  We offer a 10-year product warranty and comprehensive performance guarantees for our PowerPlus modules that ensure a safe and profitable investment for our customers.

Benefits for the system operator:

Consistently High yields in practical use


  • High-performance modules with monocrystalline (M) or polycrystalline (P) triple busbar cell technology
  • High efficiency even under low-light conditions
  • High level of performance, with up to 240 Wp rated capacity and up to 2.5 % more module output through a positive performance tolerance
  • High yield security due to comprehensive performance guarantees for 25 years¹

Premium quality for maximum durability and long life

  • 10-year product warranty *
  • High-quality and quality-tested materials and TÜV-certified production
  • Secure junction box and cavity-free frame
  • High stability even with snow, hail and high wind pressures. Now with a module load of up to 6,000 Pascal
  • Resistant to all weather conditions including salt mist and ammonia vapors
  • The entire module development, production, quality assurance and module production are TÜV-certified to ISO 9001 and 14001 and meets or exceeds all relevant standards


Benefits for the installer:

Planning flexibility

  • Recommended for solar systems of any size and in any environment
  • Optimal area utilization with optional portrait and landscape installation


 Easy to install

  • Clamping areas now tested right into the corners for even more flexible installation
  • Simple transport – one of the lightest modules of the performance class, with a load capacity of 6,000 Pascal
  • Secure installation provided by the reverse polarity protected plug with twist lock 


¹ According to Conergy AG’s current warranty conditions.

 NEW: Conergy PremiumPlus warranty

The premium warranty for premium quality. Provided at no extra cost for all Conergy PowerPlus solar modules purchased after 1 February 2012.


Warranty benefits:

 All-inclusive exchange service

  Customer-friendly cost system

 Independent experts

 12-year product warranty

 25-year linear performance warranty

 Transfer of warranty rights


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