4 steps to your solar energy system

More and more companies are using free roof areas to install solar energy systems. With our help you can be one of them! Conergy will be there to advise you systematically from your first considerations about planning a solar energy system through to installation.

The process consists of 4 simple steps:


1.) Is the roof area suitable for a solar energy system

Whether you have a flat or tilted roof, Conergy has a suitable solution for you.


Concerns about the region? The sun shines long enough in most parts of Asia for a solar energy system!


2.) Is a solar energy system worth the investment for my business? 

With your own solar energy system, you are choosing not only one of the highest yield investments, but are also showing your green commitment and producing the energy of the future.

The variety of subsidy and financing options available in many Asian markets today makes a solar energy system a financially attractive proposition. A number of incentive schemes and programs that favour renewable and solar energy projects are available from the energy authority in your market.  As a company you may also benefit from the tax incentives from your country’s Board of Investments. Lastly, commercial and development banks in Asia provide attractive financing schemes which you may want to consider.

3.) Who provides support on Conergy solar energy systems?

Your project is a matter of trust - and most importantly it is individual to you. At Conergy we have time for you. We are happy to speak to you about your requirements



Attached is a basic information sheet that will help us assess your requirements.
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4.) How is the Conergy solar system installed on the roof?

Once the detailed planning phase is complete, the system will be installed by us or by one or our certified expert partners, depending on the size of the system. 

 5 good reasons for Conergy

12 years of solar experience

In-house production of complete solar systems

Highest German quality standards

Solar systems and services from a single source

Network of certified partners


How to contact us directly:

General requests: [email protected]


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