Solar Water Heating System

The SunTechnics solar water heating system is a complete roof mounted hot water system where the tank and the collector are mounted as one unit. It is built using SS 304 L grade non magnetic steel for the inner storage cylinder and a weather-proofed durable aluminum powder-coated stainless steel outer casing.

This system is lightweight and its machine foamed CFC free PUF thermal insulation sets a new standard in environmentally friendly solar hot water system. The unique click fit (screw less) mechanism in the collector’s frames ensure quick assembly and servicing of the systems.



  • Copper – copper “Laser” welding, increasing the efficiency of the system by 10-12% vs. ultra sonic welded ones
  • Stainless steel / aluminum cladding for the storage tank
  • 100% TIG welded tanks
  • Braided hose pipe connecting the tank and collector for higher pressure applications
  • High tempered glass to ensure high transmittance
  • Sacrificial anode to prevent galvanic corrosion
  • Manufactured as per BIS standards (CM/L-6797810)
  • High density, light weight machine foamed CFC free PUF insulation
  • Powder coated support structure for a better finish
  • SS304 Cage/Ladder type Heat Exchanger for hard water (>200PPM)



  • Reduces Electricity Bill
  • 24/7 Availability of Hot Water
  • Minimum maintenance
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