Solar water pumping system

The Suntechnics Solar Water Pumping system is the perfect compact solution for pumping water from the borewell, openwell, lake, river or stream to the ground level. The pumped water can be used right away or stored in remote locations.

The solar PV modules in this system generate DC electricity which is fed into a pump through a controller. The solar modules are mounted on a manually-operated tracking structure on the ground using hardware. This solar water pumping system offers very high reliability, minimum maintenance and a long service life.



  • Can be used with a surface or submersible pump
  • Durable and rugged construction
  • Environmental friendly
  • DC Submersible pump - Total lift up to 300ft (92mtrs)
  • DC Surface pump - Total lift up to 70ft (21mtrs)



  • Village/Drinking water supply
  • Residential/Industrial well pumping
  • Irrigation pumps


Datasheet Solar Water Pumping System
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