The Conergy CIS 400–1400 central inverter station

Conergy central inverter stations deliver a high level of flexibility and individualisation. They come fully preconfigured to meet your specific requirements and are ready to use upon delivery to the installation site.

After connecting the module array to the electricity grid, the central inverter station can be switched on immediately. All of the necessary components are installed into this compact weather-resistant light concrete station – from the central inverter and transformer switch gear to the monitoring systems.  

Extremely efficient operation

  • Outstanding peak system efficiency factor of up to 98.3 %
  • High-quality equipment with the newest central inverter technology from the Conergy IPG C series

Reliable over a long service life

  • Station design approved by Bureau Veritas
  • Spaciously designed ventilation system with temperature-controlled fans
  • Extremely reliable due to the system technologies that are perfectly tuned to each other  

Planning flexibility

  • Power layouts in 100 kW increments, from 400 kW to 1.4 MW
  • Designed according to customer specifications
  • Satisfies all relevant European standards and guidelines for grid connection and can be used in all countries

Easy to install

  • Completely preconfigured, ready-to-use central inverter station
  • Includes a highly efficient transformer station and direct grid connection
  • Reduced transportation and installation effort


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Conergy central inverter IPG C / CIS brochure
Conergy CIS 400-1400 technical datasheet


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