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Conergy contributes to creating solar farms with multiple megawatt output throughout the world. Solar farms produce green electricity for hundreds if not thousands of homes. They are a clear indicator of the future for environmentally-friendly power generation systems.

A selection of national and international references for large-scale systems and open area systems will give you an insight into the variety of applications available:

 15 Megawatt Gujarat, India  

15 Megawatt Gujarat, India

Output 15 MWp
Thin film modules 187684 modules
CO2 savings 12,000 t/year
Solar power production 23.82 MWh

 3 Megawatt Belgaum, India 

3 Megawatt Gujarat, India

Output 3 MWp
Crystalline modules 13,000 modules
CO2 savings 2,000 t/year
Solar power production 4,000 MWh/year

 Solar farm Lop Buri - Thailand  

Lop Buri - Thailand

Output 2.37 MWp
Conergy PowerPlus 10,800 modules
CO2 savings 1,860 t/year
Solar power production 3,500 MWh

 Solar farm SinAn - South Korea 

SinAn - South Korea

Output 24 MWp
Crystalline modules 130,000 modules
CO2 savings 25,000 t/year
Solar power production 35,000 MWh/year

 Solar farm Ayutthaya - Thailand  

Ayutthaya - Thailand

Output 3 MWp
Thin Film Modules 40,000 modules
CO2 savings 1,971 t/year
Solar power production 4,471 MWh/year

 Solar farm Nakhon Pathom - Thailand  

Karntaka - India

Output 12.4 MWp
Conergy PowerPlus 56,000 modules
CO2 savings 11,500 t/year
Solar power production 19,500 MWh


 Solar farm Thüngen - Germany

Thüngen - Germany

Output 18.7 MWp
Conergy PowerPlus 84,986 modules
CO2 savings 10,000 t/year
Solar power production 19,200 MWh
Specific yield* 1,026 kWh/kWp

 Solar farm Tarp - Germany

Tarp - Germany

Output 6 MWp
Conergy PowerPlus 21,824 modules
Thinfilm 16,317 modules




 SinAn Solar Park

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