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When was Conergy founded?
Conergy was founded in 1998, in Hamburg, Germany


What does Conergy do?
Conergy produces all components needed for solar installation under one roof. The system manufacturer Furthermore, all necessary services related to the solar plants come from one single source. With the modules, inverters and mounting systems, the company creates the Conergy System Technology – and through that an efficient and synchronised solar system for private or commercial solar rooftop systems, as well as for Megawatt-Parks.


What is Conergy fiscal year?
Conergy’s fiscal year is a calendar year, ending on December 31st each year.


When was Conergy incorporated in India?
Conergy originally started it is india operation as SunTechnics Eneergy System Pvt. Ltd, In the year 2005.


Why SunTechnics changed it it name in India?
The name change is in line with the companys global strategy to be recognized as “Conergy” worldwide.


When SunTechnics changed its Brand name as Conergy in India?


What are the changers happened along with the brand chnage in 20-05-2011?
The name change was not effect the constitution of the company, product, performance OR management. This was just a process in line with group requirement.


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