References - Commercial installations / Roof Top System

Conergy’s customer base is continuously growing with major corporations, medium sized businesses and agricultural organizations. More and more companies are recognizing that installing Conergy solar energy systems on company roofs, public or agricultural buildings can help them earn additional income. Investing in renewable energy is a clear statement of an environmentally-friendly business.

Selected references of our commercial/roof top solar energy systems will give you an insight into the variety of installation options available.

 RDSO, Luknow, India - Roof Top grid connected SPV System

RDSO, Luknow, India

  Plant Capacity 35 kWp
  Number of plants 1
  Location  Luknow
  CO2 savings 3300 KG/year
  Solar power production 54293.75 kWh/year

 NF Railways, Bihar and UP - Roof Top grid connected SPV System

NF Railways, Bihar and UP

  Plant Capacity 10 kWp
  Number of plants 14
  Location  Bihar and UP
  CO2 savings 131 ton/year
  Solar power production 217175 kWh

 WBREDA, Kolkata

WBREDA, Kolkata

  Plant Capacity 52 kWp
  Number of plants 1
  Location  West Bengal
  CO2 savings 50 ton/year
  Solar power production 80665 kWh

Conergy solar module factory Frankfurt (Oder) - Germany

Solar module factory - Germany

  Output 452 kWp
  Conergy PowerPlus 2,152 modules
  CO2 savings 6,700 t/year
  Solar power production 404,587 kWh
  Specific yield* 895 kWh/kWp

Science centre Kiel - Germany

Science centre Kiel - Germany


Output 26.4 kWp
Conergy PowerPlus 120 modules
CO2 savings 25.79 t/year
Solar power production 29,040 kWh
Specific yield* 1,100 kWh/kWp

BluSerena Hotel Group, 4 installations - Italy

BluSerena Hotel Group, 4 installations - Italy

Output 3 MWp
Conergy PowerPlus 13,528 modules
CO2 savings 2,000 t/year
Solar power production 4,300 MWh
Specific yield* 1,433 kWh/kWp

Emicela, Gran Canaria - Spain

Emicela, Gran Canaria - Spain

Output 1.753 MWp
Conergy PowerPlus 7,663 modules
CO2 savings 1,000 t/year
Solar power production 2,600 MWh
Specific yield* 1,483 kWh/kWp

Vineyard Correns - France


Vineyard Correns - France

Output 131 kWp
Conergy PowerPlus 612 modules
CO2 savings 56 t/year
Solar power production 157,000 kWh
Specific yield* 1,198 kWh/kWp

King Abdullah University - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


King Abdullah University - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Output 2 MWp
Monocrystalline modules 9,306 modules
CO2 savings 33,320 t/year
Solar power production 3,332 MWh
Specific yield* 1,666 kWh/kWp

* Energy generated by the solar power system per year measured in kWh/system size in kWp.

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