Conergy PremiumPlus – the added-value warranty for Conergy PowerPlus solar modules

Our promise is to your advantage: With Conergy PowerPlus solar modules you receive a minimum of 25 years of long-term high performance for your solar energy system thanks to Conergy premium quality "made in Germany". And because that is not enough, we also offer you a warranty that is second to none. It is exceptionally customer-friendly, easy to understand and offers long-term security. That's why we call it the Conergy PremiumPlus warranty.

The Conergy PremiumPlus warranty will be available free of charge for all Conergy PowerPlus solar modules purchased after 1 February 2012. No matter whether your installation is on a private residence, a commercial building or free-standing. The only requirement is, the modules ¬need to be registered. This allows us to react even better and even quicker in the worst case scenario and offer you an unrivalled service.


Activating your Conergy PremiumPlus warranty is quick and easy:

When you register Conergy PowerPlus solar modules that have been installed, the Conergy PremiumPlus warranty will automatically be activated – at no extra cost. 


Registration for end customers and installers

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The registration of your Conergy PowerPlus solar modules with a purchase date of 1 February 2012 and later can be carried out via our Conergy Premium Plus registration portal – regardless of whether you are the owner of a solar energy system with Conergy PowerPlus solar modules or a Conergy installer who has installed the solar energy system for your customer and would now like to activate the Conergy PremiumPlus warranty on their behalf. Registration is quick and simple in both cases.



Conergy PremiumPlus Warranty – What's covered:

The new Conergy PremiumPlus warranty combines the services outlined here. The >> Conergy PremiumPlus warranty conditions apply.

All-inclusive exchange service


During the product warranty period, if the Conergy PowerPlus solar modules display a fault, they are immediately repaired or exchanged for identical Conergy PowerPlus modules of the same performance category. This even applies for optical changes beyond natural ageing. 


Your PremiumPlus advantage:

Your solar energy system always operates at top performance. It won’t display any optical defects - It won’t display any optical defects - the aesthetics of your home are preserved.

Customer-friendly cost system


Conergy covers a fixed sum of the costs of the entire case: testing, dismantling, reinstallation, removal and recycling of the solar modules.


Your PremiumPlus advantage:

Clear cost control with Conergy PremiumPlus for added financial security.

Independent experts


For example, if you discover reduced performance, we decide together which expert should assess it. We accept all independent experts, e.g., institutes certified by the IECEE. Of course, it goes without saying that we cover a fixed sum of the testing costs in acknowledged warranty cases.


Your PremiumPlus advantage:

You receive an objective evaluation of whether you are entitled to make a warranty claim. Then we take action. No ifs, no buts.

12-year product warranty


In the scope of Conergy PremiumPlus, we extend the period of your product warranty to a full 12 years.


Your PremiumPlus advantage:

You have two extra years of full security for your solar modules.


25-year linear performance warrantye


With the linear performance warranty of Conergy PremiumPlus, we offer you even more guaranteed module performance. Completely without warranty drops.


Your PremiumPlus advantage:

If the performance of a module drops more than average in just a short time, you are entitled – unlike in the tiered option – to a new solar module.

Transfer of warranty rights


If you sell your solar energy system or even the entire building, the Conergy PremiumPlus warranty can be transferred to the new owner quickly and easily.


Your PremiumPlus advantage:

Your solar energy system increases the value of your home. It continues to increase, even if you want to sell it.

The Conergy PremiumPlus warranty provides many benefits, far surpassing those generally found in the industry. Complete details can be found in our:




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