Solar Mobile Charging Facility

The Suntechnics Solar Mobile Charging Facility (SMCF) is designed to charge a number of mobile phones at a time. This is a suitable product for charging cell phones in public places or remote locations where electricity is unavailable.

The SunTechnics SMCF is designed for mobile charger applications. Solar power is converted by the inverter from  DC power to AC power which is then used to power the mobile charger. The output of the inverter is made available to 10 sockets that can charge 10 mobile phones simultaneously. There are two inverters per system with one inverter working for the load and the other kept as a spare with a manual switch option for switching over the inverters in case the first inverter fails. The inverters, solar charger controller, output sockets, indicators and selector switch are all housed in an enclosure.



  • Charging 10 mobile phones simultaneously.



  • Includes Over load & short circuit protection
  • Requires minimal maintenance


Datasheet SMCF System
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