Street lighting

Photovoltaics technology involves the conversion of sunlight into a usable form of electrical energy. The SunTechnics Solar Street/Yard lighting systems are stand-alone systems that automatically switch on at dusk (evening hours) and switch off at dawn (morning hours). These energy efficient, reliable and environment friendly street lighting systems require low maintenance.

This system includes a photovoltaic module, tubular battery, charge controller, inverter and street lamps. The battery and charge controller are integrated in the pole structure which is housed inside a metallic box. The charge controller is also integrated with dusk and dawn sensing.



  • Lighting streets, roads, highways
  • Lighting drying yards in plantation areas
  • Perimeter lighting of Industries & Institutions
  • Path way lighting for a resort, campus, office complex



  • Quick and easy installation of the system
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Uniform distribution of light
  • Powder coated/Galvanized mounting system pole
  • Auto switch on /off function
  • Universal tilt and orientation of module mounting system


Datasheet Solar Streetlight System
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